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Randy Hare is a dedicated, professional dog trainer with more than 40 years of experience, award-winning expertise, and innovative proprietary methods. Along with his top-notch staff, Randy's business includes the operation of the Alpha Canine Training Center, Inc.™ (Nashville, Tennessee and Jackson, Mississippi), his worldwide series of seminars and courses, the On Target DVD series, and the Randy Hare School for Dog Trainers. Over the past 40 years, Randy Hare has trained many Service Dogs and many Service dog Handlers and Trainers. The pioneering of his "On Target Detection Dog Training Method", and how he incorporates that method with every other aspect of his training, is gaining in both popularity and interest both here and in foreign countries. Randy Hare has an unsurpassed and proven track record in teaching police and military trainers and handlers and offers a full schedule of courses designed to make the police canine as well as his handler or trainer more effective in law enforcement.

Formally these courses have only been offered to Service Dog Handlers and Trainers; however, Randy Hare is pleased to announce that he has expanded his highly-touted school to include civilians wishing to become professional dog trainers. No longer limited to police, military, special forces or accomplished professionals, Randy has designed a perfect starting point school for those wishing to join this wonderful profession. The "Randy Hare School for Professional Dog Trainers" will offer dog training education not only to Police Officers but also to individuals wishing to become a professional dog trainer.

Randy will offer his philosophy and trade secrets that have helped him to build two of the most successful and reputable Dog Training Centers in the country, Alpha Canine Training Center, Inc.™ (Nashville, Tennessee and Jackson, Mississippi).

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