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 Building on the incredible success of the previous series, Canine Training Systems has created an outstanding production of the advancements in Randy Hare's detection technique.

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CTS Hare Method 4 and 5

"The production and quality of this series gives an unparalled clarity to the technique and principles...Thoroughly impressed with the work by Canine Training Systems."

                                                                                                                           - Randy Hare

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Advancements in the Randy Hare Method of Detection Training - Detection 4 - STREAMING


Advancements in the Randy Hare Method of Detection Training - Detection 5 - STREAMING



Advancements in The Randy Hare Method of Detection Training- Detection 4 Streaming

Building on the incredible success of the original On Target- Training Substance Detector Dogs- Set that garnered 18 International Productions Awards is this follow-up series with veteran detection dog trainer, Randy Hare of Jackson, Mississippi.  Utilized by the highest levels of government including the DEA, FBI, Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Border Patrol, Homeland Security, National Institutes of Health as well as military and law enforcement agencies worldwide, Randy’s logical system has evolved tremendously.  Randy’s previous career as a law enforcement K9 handler engaged in highway interdiction shaped his desire for a comprehensive system that neutralized the errors in other systems while maximizing accuracy, reliability and credibility in a court of law.

This updated series details this new system; it’s many changes, improvements, advancements and contains more comprehensive explanation throughout. The main tenets of the system remain solidly rooted in self-learning through the construction and manipulation of environment, self reliance and the critical importance of what Randy originally termed and is widely referred to as “obedience to odor”, this fourth title in the series covers the foundation stages in training the substance detector dog.  Whether narcotics, explosives, biologicals or essential oils for civilian Nose Work, Randy’s incredibly versatile system can be used for any substance.  Because the Hare Method is a professional detection dog system, many of the intricacies lost in other systems abound here. A very strong emphasis is placed on the dog being completely reliant on his nose while completely ignoring visual and auditory distractions.


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