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Training the Trainers...one of Randy Hare's passions and top priorities...

Over the past 40 years, Randy Hare has trained many Detection Dogs, and many Detection Dog Handlers and Trainers. The pioneering of his On Target Detection Dog Training Method, and how he incorporates that method with every other aspect of his training, is gaining in both popularity and interest both here and in foreign countries. The gentle nature he uses to educate people is as gentle in nature as his method for training dogs. Randy Hare is a dedicated professional dog trainer with more than 40 years of experience, award winning expertise and innovative proprietary methods. Along with his top-notch staff, Randy's business includes the operation of two locations of the Alpha Canine Training Center, Inc.™ (Nashville, TN and Jackson, MS), his worldwide series of seminars and courses, the On Target DVD series and the Randy Hare School for Dog Trainers. Randy Hare has an unsurpassed and proven track record in teaching police and military trainers and handlers and offers a full schedule of courses designed to make the police canine as well as his handler or trainer more effective in law enforcement.

Below are the Courses currently being offered by Randy Hare to Police K9 Trainers.
These courses are available in Nashville, Tennessee, and able to be hosted at locations throughout the world.
Please contact us if you are looking for something specific, or you would like more information

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See Below for Courses Offered at Our Nashville, Tennessee

***Detection K9 Handler/Trainer Course***
2 Week Course (includes the weekends during the training schedule)

In the two week "Detection Trainers Course the student or trainer will review every technique in Randy Hare's new "On Target Method" and learn how it differs from the traditional methods of training detection. The student will learn the art of timing and shaping from behind the rack. With this technique the student learns to allow the dog to learn for itself that his eyes and ears mean nothing when it comes to earning the reward object. In training this way we eliminate 95% of the cues that may cause false indications. The "On Target Method" is the future of detection training and has already taken over in many areas of the country as well as caught on in foreign countries.

This is Randy’s most popular course and has been taught to numerous local, state and federal law enforcement agencies
as well as many trainers from military organizations.

Detection Trainers Course Outline:

Week One (Saturday thru Sunday)

Detailed Look at principals of Traditional Detection Dog Training
Detailed Look at theory and principles of the On Target Technique
Evaluating dogs for the On Target technique and scoring dogs for training
Handling techniques and principles
Teaching the dog to make odor association while utilizing positive fight drive
Utilizing the reward to teach the dog to resist distractions and temptations
Shaping behavior by utilizing the short rack
Teaching the dog to work independently of the handler
Using positive fight drive to advance toward an oral response
Adding additional Odors
Adding advance distractions

Week Two (Saturday thru Sunday)

Introducing the Oral Response on the short rack
Utilizing the detection boxes as a distraction
Finalizing the oral response and beginning of the Oral Game
Moving the oral game to outside and to different environments
Proper use of puzzles to strengthen the k-9 ability to locate hidden contraband
Moving to the outside work and transferring the dogs detection abilities to outside world
Moving the dogs to the outside world and the utilization of the 80-20 ratio
Practical Deployments in Real World Searches
Use and misuse of Patterns
Practical Deployments in High Traffic Situations
Final Exam 

 Randy has also taught this course in various locations worldwide. Click here for details and prices regarding hosting this course at your location


***Detection K9 Trainer’s Course ~ Certification/Refresher Training***
1 Week Course
This course is designed for trainers who have been through the Detection Trainer’s Course but want to brush up on their skills. They may not have access to detection boxes at their training facility, may be too busy or they are just interested in the updates to the training method that have occurred since they last took the course. This course is intended for trainers who have completed the initial K9 Trainer’s course and requires a working knowledge of the On Target System. If you have questions regarding whether this class is suitable for you please contact us.
Randy has also taught this course in various locations worldwide. Click here for details and prices regarding hosting this school at your location

***2-Day Detection K9 Trainer’s Seminar***
2-Day Seminar

An excellent orientation and introduction to Randy’s On Target detection training system. This course is designed to give the handler and trainer an excellent insight into this training method. This seminar is very similar to the seminar that Randy currently performed for the “Gulf Coast HIDTA Program” combining classroom and practical.

Detection Seminar Course Overview:

Day One: Powerpoint presentation and lecture on how the On Target Method evolved and the difference in traditional methods commonly used.

Day Two: Evaluating dogs for the practical portion of the seminar. Those dogs passing the evaluation will be utilized in the second part of Day Two of demonstrating the use of the short rack. Putting what the dogs learned on the Short Rack to practical use and moving to the outside world.

REMEMBER: Randy Hare can not and will not attempt to change your dog or you in a “Two Day Seminar”. The Seminar is NOT a school and its purpose is to arm you with a course of direction to continue on toward the goal of improving performance.

 Randy has also taught this course in various locations worldwide. Click here for details and prices regarding hosting this school at your location



These courses are available both in Nashville, Tennessee and Jackson, Mississippi, as well as locations throughout the world.
Please contact us if you are looking for something specific, you would like more information
or if you are interested in hosting one of our schools at your location.



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